Seducing the Daddy



Seducing the Daddy

by Brooklyn Reese
Published: October 19, 2011

Twenty-year-old Kendra is desperate for money. She'll do anything, even take care of kids, to pay the bills. When she meets her gorgeous new boss, though, she soon realizes that "do anything" covers a lot more ground than she had ever intended. And it doesn't have anything to do with paying the bills.


I wasn't in my apartment door two minutes when the phone rang. It was Mitch asking me to return the following day for a second interview and to meet the children. He was confident they would love me, and the edge in his voice implied that he couldn't wait to see me again. That was enough to damn near send me over the edge. I could hardly maintain an even tone when I breathlessly confirmed our meeting. Mitch had cast a spell over me and I was never going to be able to be around him again if I didn't take care of this growing ache between my thighs. Now.

I put the phone down and made my way to the shower to cool off.

"Focus, focus, focus." I chanted as I doused myself with the lukewarm pulse raining down from the showerhead. "He's your new boss. This isn't healthy. You probably imagined his glances. He's a father, for chrissakes. He's old enough to be your father, for chrissakes! Snap the fuck out of this!"

It was no use. I knew my mind wasn't going to win against my aching, wet pussy. It had been far too long since I'd felt the warmth and hardness of a man against my skin. The idea of Mitch being the next one to enter me quickened my breathing and had me dripping with desire. I had to release this tension - just this once, and then wash him from my mind, as it were. I traced my fingers lightly down my neck, closing my eyes as I reached the perky mounds on my chest. I imagined Mitch's large hands cupped over them and that wicked smile playing on his lips as he flicked his tongue over them, forcing my nipples to harden and pucker, daring him to lick, suck and nibble every inch of their pinkness. I moaned with lust and grabbed the showerhead from its resting place and slid down the wall of my fluid sanctuary, taking the hose with me. I felt my clit swell with delight and anticipation of what was coming next. With a flick of my hand, the light, pulsating stream turned into a full-force power jet that beat like a drum against the side of the tile enclosure. I scooted back as far as I could and spread my legs wide, fantasizing about Mitch being there, watching me, and playfully working his expert tongue around my hot, smooth cunt and rock-hard knob. I groaned with pleasure and rammed two fingers in my slick tunnel, working them in and out, feeling the swollen flesh close in around me. I starved for more. My entire body was screaming with the need to be fucked any and every which way possible. I brought the nozzle between my thighs and pointed it inward, holding it just far enough away to pound rhythmically against my clit. Fuck, yeah. Oh, god, this is it. If I can't have a thick cock stuffed inside me, this is the next best thing. I kept the head on me, allowing myself just enough pleasure to push me to the brink, and then I quickly pulled away, taunting and toying with my hot, saturated mound of flesh. I was hell-bent on making damn sure I wouldn't topple over the edge until the last possible moment. I kept on like this, again and again, willing my body to cling to the pleasure building inside and take me to a place that I almost couldn't turn back from. I had my pussy begging for more. I wasn't sure how much longer I could keep this up, but I wasn't ready to let go of my fantasy of Mitch just yet. I alternated between the jets and my fingers, pulsating against me, fucking myself, pushing my buttons. Lost in the moment, I had a sudden image of Mitch shoving his cock into my asshole. It was forbidden territory and still tight in its untouched virginity. Its hotness was right there; ready to be penetrated in much the same way. My middle finger found its way south, slowly teasing the circumference of my puckered opening, adding a whole new level of ecstasy to my insane desire for this man I'd just met. I slipped my finger in, gasping at the new sensation I felt from my touch. I savored every tingling, every stroke, every ounce of passion I was feeling. Mitch was in my head and I couldn't stop the thinking about how badly I wanted his cock to fill my holes instead. I wanted nothing more than to push him down, straddle him across his desk and fuck him in raw, animal lust over and over until we were both too overcome with exhaustion to go on. The stimulation to my body was in overdrive and the pressure eventually became too much to bear. With one final twist of my wrist, I turned the nozzle towards my clit one last time and cried out as I fumbled through a world of sheer paradise, where Mitch was waiting on the other side, lapping up the wave of juices flowing from my steaming snatch. I shuddered and went limp, reeling from what just transpired. No one had ever gotten inside my head the way he just had, and certainly no one had ever made me this insane with desire. The couple of guys before were just boys. I needed a man. I needed Mitch. When the flesh inside me still throbbed with greediness, I knew this fantasy wasn't going to end here. I was suddenly determined to turn this into a scorching reality. Mitch was about to find himself strapped with a hot, young, insatiable nymphomaniac before he even knew what hit him.