My Best Friend's Dad



My Best Friend's Dad

by Brooklyn Reese
Published: November 20, 2011

I had planned this conquest for the last year. Greg Watkins was my best friend's dad, and he was the one who was going to have my virginity. For years he had been like my own dad, right up until the divorce that tore their family apart and took my best friend Tory away. But when I think of him now, it isn't as my daddy. For the last year I had fantasized about him, and every night I left his house wet between my legs. Now we're going to Vegas together to see Tory, and this is my chance to seduce him at last. As long as I don't chicken out.


Since I was still a virgin, I hadn't yet worked up the courage to penetrate myself with the stiff, blue rod. For now, my fingers were all I could handle inside my tiny, pink tunnel. When I first took it out of its box, though, I did practice deep-throating it to see how far I could take one inside my mouth. You know, just in case. I knew if I ever got my way, there would be ample opportunity to have the real thing. There was still the possible issue of Greg not being able to look past my age and the fact that I was like a second daughter to him. Or at least so I thought. But judging by the way he had looked at me, I had reason to be at least slightly hopeful. I would definitely have to work on putting to rest any doubts he might have; preferably soon, before I exploded.

I stepped out of my capris, stripped off my tank top, and climbed on top of my cool, crisp sheets. The contact made me shudder and my nipples puckered in response. I put a finger in my mouth and brought it down to trace light circles around the crinkles of my breasts, the stimulation sending jolts straight down the middle of my body. I set my vibrator on low and began fondling the outer folds of my cunt, teasing softly as I traveled into my fantasies of Greg. Oh, sweet Greg. His smiling face and shirtless, rock-hard body in those clingy shorts flashed through my mind. The familiar tingles coursed through me and my pussy responded eagerly, moisture forming around my hole. Slowly I maneuvered the cock around, exploring every inch of skin outside of my pulsing, wet mound. I tickled the opening of my quivering snatch, aching to break through the thin barrier that separated me from complete ecstasy. Several times I had been tempted to plunge the long, thick toy deep inside my pleading tunnel and finally satisfy that need, but I always stopped right before I caved, convincing myself to save it in case I ever ended up in Greg's bed.

Tonight I chose to be more adventurous. I decided if I was going to save my sweet cherry for Mr. Watkins, then I was going to explore the neighboring passageway instead. After all, I might want to give him that cherry, too. I set the vibration mode a notch higher and flipped over on all fours, spreading my legs wide with my ass high in the air. I started out straddling the shaft, positioning it between the lips of my snatch so that the middle drummed rhythmically against my clit while the tip pushed between the crevice of my ass, teasing the opening of my puckered hole. The soft plastic tickled every exposed area of both of my sacred holes. The sensation was like nothing I'd ever felt before. Within seconds, I was overflowing with juices. The added lubrication on the tip emboldened me. I brought the blue cock around to the back and penetrated my ass just enough to see if I could take it. The feeling was even more incredible and I began to rock back and forth, getting a little deeper inside my hole, bit by bit, stretching it to make room for the entire length of the cock. The further in I went, the more I became lost in my fantasy.

Juices poured down my hand as I got closer to the edge. I started fucking my ass faster and deeper with each thrust, the width stretching me out, hitting every nerve ending inside my steaming cunt. My asshole was throbbing, but I couldn't stop; it felt too fucking good. The orgasm was gaining momentum and with one final thrust, I sent myself into a sea of bliss, cum running down my thighs as I bit into my pillow to muffle my screams.