Lesson in Lust



Lesson in Lust

by Brooklyn Reese
Published: October 26, 2011

College freshman Laney and her sexy new biology professor got off on the wrong foot, and things have been downhill ever since. Laney knows he is attracted to her - she caught him checking out her ass, after all - and he's so gorgeous he makes her wet just standing next to her. But Dr. Parker has been a relentless jerk since day one, Laney can't seem to do anything right, and the sexual tension just makes them grate on each other even more. But when Laney finally reaches her boiling point, she decides to give the professor an oral presentation in female anatomy that is bound to get her some extra credit. Will her professor award her his highest honors for her efforts?

Original Title: Dominating Devon


Getting Dr. Devon Parker out of my head that night was impossible. The generous bulge in his pants had me dripping with desire. I imagined his hot cock, hard and long in my hands, and him watching me as I licked and teased it with my soft, pink mouth. I began to imagine all the naughty things he would do to me with his manhood, thrusting deep, fucking me until I gasped for breath. I couldn't think straight anymore. I was throbbing inside. He was even sexier when he was mean, and I liked it. Little did he know his rough exterior only made me hotter with each passing day.

My roommate was out for the night, and I couldn't deny my aching pussy any longer. I put down my magazine, grabbed the vibrator tucked safely away in my drawer, and stripped off my tank top and panties, lying back on the couch, spread-eagled. My nipples hardened against the cool air and I shuddered in anticipation. I touched my hot fingers against my rack and gently began rubbing and kneading, slowly circling the darkened, stiff peaks erupting from my chest. I moaned then moved my hands south, lightly teasing the flesh around the outside of my mound. I worked one finger up and down my slit, lingering on the soft, wet folds until it was slick from the wetness I had created with my touch.

I gripped my latex joystick and turned it on low, awakening my clit from its slumber and driving tingling sensations throughout my entire lower body. I focused on my nub, giving it attention it hadn't seen in far too long. As I rocked and bucked against my toy I imagined that it was Devon's cock, fucking me hard and fast, and releasing his anger inside of me as I screamed. I moved lower and still lower, vibrating the rim of my ass as it begged for attention, until I sent jolts of ecstasy throughout my backside. And semi-reluctantly back up I traveled, not wanting to deny my gushing tunnel the pleasure of my session. I drew circles around the thin skin of my snatch, sparks of pleasure erupting from every pore. As my cunt adjusted to the vibrations, I took it up a notch, making it beat harder against my clit. Rough. Hot. Wet. Oh, yes. Faster. Mmmm, shit, I was about to cum. I needed this release, but not quite yet. I needed to feel this a bit longer. I flipped off the vibration and rammed the purple schlong deep into my folds and pulled out again. Faster and harder I thrust it in and out, in and out, again and again, fucking myself right there, for anyone to see should they walk in. But I didn't care. I was picturing Devon above me, his perfect brow beaded with sweat and crying out my name as he blew his sizzling wad inside my mound. I cried out as I came, hard and pulsating, juices pouring from me onto the couch. My vibrator dropped to the floor and I shuddered from the aftershocks of my intense solo-fucking. Oh, sweet lord. My imagination was fantastic and that had to be the best masturbation session I'd ever had, but I was about to set my sights on the real thing.