Kissing the Pink



Kissing the Pink

by Brooklyn Reese
Published: November 6, 2011

Ever since the first night she saw Cindy, Erin has been obsessed. She wakes up every night soaked between her thighs, consumed by lust. Knowing that Cindy is unapproachable, Erin consoles herself by sleeping with her roommate, Lauren The fact that Lauren is Cindy's best friend is icing on the cake, because knowing that Lauren had been in Cindy's bed only hours before, that she smells and tastes of the girl she desires more than anything, drives Erin wild. But at the opening of the city's hottest new club Erin spots Cindy dancing with Lauren - and they spot her. Is this the chance she has been waiting for to make Cindy notice her? And will Lauren be willing to share?


I rolled over on top of her, working my tongue slowly down from her mouth to her chest; taking a nipple between my lips and sucking until I felt it harden. I loved feeling her in my mouth. Every part of her tasted like honey. She bucked against me, pleading with me to fill her. I smiled and ignored her requests, moving over to her other nipple, sucking it until she cried out.

My pussy was soaked, starving for attention of its own, but I was intent on tasting Lauren, needing to put my mouth where Cindy had been just hours earlier. I moved down further and Lauren spread her legs wide in anticipation. Inhaling her musky scent, I licked her innermost thighs until she squirmed with delight. When she rose up to offer herself to me, I grabbed her ass and plunged my tongue deep inside her tunnel, almost having an orgasm from the mental image of doing this to Cindy. I pulled out so I could lick every millimeter of her from the bottom of her hole to the top of her clit, circling around her hardened nub and drinking in the feel of her folds against my mouth. I teased the outer part of her perfect, pink cunt, licking and sucking every part of her tender skin until I felt her getting closer to the edge. Wanting to delay her release a bit longer, I sat up and grabbed her dildo from inside her nightstand. She moaned in frustration and pleaded with me to just finish.

"Not yet. Stay there," I commanded.

Lauren gasped as I inserted the toy, slowly driving it deeper into the slick folds of her dripping tunnel. I could see her face in the moonlight, brow furrowed, concentrating on the levels of pleasure she felt as I maneuvered the plastic cock in and out of her repeatedly until I knew she was hanging on by a thread. I pulled the dildo out one last time and landed back on her throbbing cunt with my mouth. She arched her back and cried out from the feel of my hot breath on her most sensitive area, exploding around me, juices pouring from her depths onto my tongue. I lapped up every drop sending aftershocks through her body as she collapsed back onto the bed from exhaustion.